Piano Tuning

Due to gradual changes in atmospheric levels of humidity and temperature caused by central heating and the opening/closing of doors, as well as heavy playing cause even the best pianos to go out of tune.


Home Hire

Are you looking at a piano you would love to own but which is too expensive? Or perhaps you want the gently encourage the children to take up the piano, but aren’t 100% sure it’s something worth spending thousands on?


Concert and Event Hire

Weddings, corporate events, family get-togethers, competitions and festival performances. We offer piano hire to cater to all these, and have a fleet of event instruments specially selected to offer a full spectrum, from uprights and baby-grands to full size concert instruments


Piano Transport

We use specialist piano-movers, who move nothing else, and so have over the years acquired a large breadth of experience in moving all kinds of pianos into all kinds of locations!

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