Piano Tuning

Piano tuning throughout the Edinburgh area and beyond

Due to graual changes in atmospheric levels of humidity and temperature caused by weather and in the winter time central heating, all pianos will go out of tune.

“Out-of-tuneness” manifests itself in the sound of individual notes as well as intervals sounding unpleasant, and normally have a tell-tale “tangy” sound. Bad tuning affects our entire physychological perception of the instrument, including feel and tone. This is why it is important to keep any piano used for music-making in good tune.

Tuning a piano typically takes around an hour and a half, although this varies considerably depending on the age and condition of the instrument, and the time since it was last tuned. If a pitch has to be raised a lot to take it to concert pitch it may requiretwo “tuning passes” whereby the first is primarily to bring the tension of the string up to approximate pitch, and the second is a fine-tuning.

Guide prices for tuning tend to be around £55.00 in the city and a little higher out of town. For additional work, such as raising the pitch of older instruments please contact us for a costing.


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